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Fairplay: Live Cricket Betting

Cricket is the most loved and the most played sport in India; no one questions that. It is not merely played; it is loved, and it is lived. The game makes up as much as 85% of India’s sports economy, and it is only growing. It is everywhere here, and the same can be said about cricket betting. Because there’s cricket everywhere, on terraces, and in the streets, cricket betting is quite popular here.

Players who play off the field add to the fascination with their bet game. The betting industry in India receives huge acceptance among the masses. Because it is legal, it has grown to be a big sport in itself. The prediction requires skill, something that doesn’t sound illegal when viewed in concordance with the Public Gambling Act of 1867.

With more than 140 million people betting regularly, we can fairly estimate how the industry is booming here. This number shoots up to 370 million during the IPL season. Because it is the most watched and the most played, it owns 80% of online betting.

With the increasing popularity of the internet, the number of online gamers will rise, and so will the number of online bettors. And that means more cricket betting and more people deciding to try fantasy sports. Any growth in the betting industry is a growth for the betting industry. More betting giants are expected to enter the industry. This will make the industry more competitive.

Also, Cricket betting is legal in 6 out of 10 world cup playing nations. So it’s high time that the taboo around betting should go. The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) has consistently advocated the complete legalization of betting in India. It had once put out its estimates of India’s illegal betting market; it was Rs. 3, 00,000 crores in 2019. Their estimate was almost parallel to India’s defense budget in 2019. Now that explains why fans search for an online betting app in India.

In such a diverse country, with easy access to cricket exchange live, betting is set to thrive. The introduction of new fantasy sports platforms only adds to a promising future. Enjoying the sport over two fronts is a thrill no cricket fan would want to miss.

So if you are looking for the best sportsbook or betting shop where you can make live cricket betting? There’s no need to look further as you have found the best one! You can easily bet on cricket online as the game unfolds without a hitch on FairPlay. Undoubtedly, cricket is the most fascinating sport and it is entertaining to bet on live cricket online. An extensive selection of profit-making live cricket bet types and betting odds allows you to enjoy the game and along with that, you can even earn money. Nonetheless, nothing could match the level of excitement while placing a bet on cricket online.

For a few gamblers and punters, online cricket betting is more about excitement and fun, whereas, for others, online betting on cricket means is filled with a lot of opportunities that you can’t find in other pre-game sets of lines. Indeed, the rates of live cricket betting are fruit-bearing. If you want to make the most of your online cricket betting experience, check FairPlay, get the details of live cricket scores, and place your bets right away!

Live Cricket Betting on Top Leagues

If you never miss any match and watch every match, means you are a die heart fan of cricket. It is the right time to turn your favorite hobby into an open-source of income. And the easiest and most convenient way to do this is online cricket betting. With live cricket betting, you can live every catch, every run, every wicket, and every boundary.

If you are passionate about cricket, you can follow all live tournaments and cricket scores live today at FairPlay. Get to know about every team player and all the players as you are at the right place. The main objective of FairPlay is to match your passion for cricket by bringing the best in online cricket betting, from international competitions to domestic matches.

We always ensure that with FairPlay, you won't miss anything related to live cricket betting in India. You can watch your favorite cricket matches and live streamings of the best tournaments, followed by rates of live cricket, and just make your in-play live cricket bets right now:

  • Indian Premier League live betting
  • T20 Blast live betting
  • ICC Women’s World Cup
  • Test Matches
  • India tour of Australia live betting
  • Big Bash League live betting

Just select any of the live cricket matches today, follow live scores, and what’s the wait for? Place your bet and win!

What Does a Cricket Bet Look Like?

Are you all aware of what a cricket bet looks like? There are numerous market and betting options available. A newbie to live online betting in particular always felt overwhelmed. But you can consider Fairplay, as we are always there to help you. Here are some of the most popular cricket bets:

  • Winner of the match
  • Which team wins the toss and the match?
  • The first ball dot or not
  • Highest score in first six overs
  • Highest opening partnership
  • Total sixes and fours
  • First ball of the match
  • First ball of the 2nd innings
  • Method of the first dismissal
  • Total runs
  • Total wickets in the match

This is just a start, you can bet on the performance of each team and how the individual players perform as well. In general, there are hundreds of betting options for live cricket matches in any case. It is essential for you to look around the cricket betting odds in order to get the most and best on your returns. At FairPlay's website, you can explore the best odds for the upcoming cricket matches. If you choose better odds, you will ultimately receive higher returns. You can rely on us for both your money and personal information.

Cricket Betting Online: Place a Live Bet Online and Win!

With FairPlay's exceptional selection of in-play markets for live cricket matches, you can find live cricket scores and all the necessary features with complete ease so that you can directly jump into the world of live cricket betting. The plus side is that we can boast of competitive live cricket betting rates, live cricket scores, and a user-friendly accessible cricket betting app that will allow you to bet on the live cricket match on the go. You'll also receive extensive recommendations based on live bets, which will help you improve your betting chances.

Let's take a look at how to bet on cricket online at FairPlay. We assure you that following the below-listed directions, you won't face any issues related to this task:

  • Create your account with FairPlay. The account creating process generally takes a couple of minutes. You just need to enter your contact details and create a password.
  • The next step will require you to deposit some money. For this, you need to select your currency, the most convenient payment option among those we have on FairPlay. Then, you can make your first deposit.
  • Explore our “live events” section, select cricket match live today, and choose the bet on option.
  • Check live cricket rates for online cricket betting, select a live cricket bet type, and then place your bets right at the moment!

Even if you are a newbie in the world of cricket betting online, with these cricket betting tips you won't face any issues related to live cricket betting. We always value the time of our users and try to do our utmost by making you feel comfortable while you place a bet on your favorite player or team. This is the reason we provide live cricket scores, the best odds for live cricket betting, and an easy convenient interface to place your bets on live cricket matches anywhere and at any time.

Cricket Betting Tips

1. Cricket is different: it is not your usual wager

Making a wager in cricket is different from betting in other sports. While consistency works there, it’s not the same when it comes to cricket. It is unique when it comes to online sports betting and fantasy sports. Understanding the game is needed if you wish to successfully bet on it. In a Casino, it is a roll of a dice; in cricket, you have your knowledge as the base.

2. Follow good sources: Know it all to win it all

Cricket depends a lot on statistics; your betting should be too. Follow credible sources for news and know the latest news and happenings. For example, you can follow sports portals, sports journalists, or social media handles of franchises.

3. Make good changes: Every match is different

The same strategies don’t work and won’t work for different games in cricket. How teams perform varies with conditions, formats, and venues. Revisit your strategies regularly, make necessary changes, and enjoy responsibly.

4. Play it safe

Start with small amounts, grow as you go, and mature with time. Keeping an eye on your spending will help you enjoy the game without harming your pocket. Making budgetary mistakes can prevent lasting longer in the game. Make a budget, stick to it, and you’ll master cricket betting gradually.

5. Know the weather and the pitch.

Sometimes toss becomes an important factor in the match’s outcome because it decides who plays on a better pitch. Sometimes later in the game, the dew ruins the bowling efforts, or the pitch cracks open. The pitch and the weather report should be read with diligence if you want to excel in your betting affair.

You can use these betting tips, but cricket remains an unpredictable affair. So don’t lose hope, keep emotions at bay, and know that it’s not over till the last bowl is bowled.

Finding Best Rates for Cricket Betting Online

Have you ever made live cricket bets before? Well, it's quite easier than you might have thought. Generally, the rates of live cricket betting are the same as that of normal betting. Live cricket betting rates are usually made available for the users just before the match begins. The normal rate of online cricket betting or choosing the lines is the same. At FairPlay, find a live cricket match today and place your bet!

Although, live cricket betting is more exciting as the screen places an update every few seconds to display the cricket live odds as the live cricket score keeps on changing. You just need to remember that the live cricket line changes continuously as the matches unfold. While watching the live cricket match and following the live cricket score, you also need to monitor a live cricket bet's rate and then place your bet when you see the most remunerative live cricket odds. We guarantee you the thrill, excitement and adventure!

How to Choose the Best Live Cricket Betting Sites

No matter if you are an experienced punter or gambler with years of experience in the live cricket betting niche, you can't do great if you fail to have reputable and time-proved cricket betting sites at hand! The success of your live cricket betting online greatly depends on the live scores as well as on the platform you have selected to bet on, the selection of betting markets, live rates of cricket betting, reputability, and odds of winning. If you are eager to hunt for a trusted, reputable, and time-proven betting program you can definitely rely on the Fairplay cricket betting app and cricket betting sites as we are experts in this specific niche. You can avail the following benefits while choosing us:

  • With our cricket betting app, you can bet on the go
  • We have built up a solid reputation in the betting industry
  • We offer the best competitive rate for live cricket betting
  • If you have any queries and need clarifications, you can contact us 24*7
  • We have an extensive selection of betting markets and offer you the most profitable odds.
  • You can watch live streaming of cricket matches on the FairPlay online cricket betting app or website and place your bets
  • We frequently publish sports betting online tips as a comprehensive tutorial for you to become a professional in a specific niche.

On the whole, we do our best and our utmost to make you feel comfortable while you bet on cricket online. Here's a mini-guide to getting started with Online Cricket Betting in India:

  • Find the best and the most suitable online betting site for you
  • Register an account
  • Deposit sufficient funds
  • Find the best markets and odds you want to bet on
  • Place your bet

Why Select FairPlay as a Platform for Online Betting on Cricket?

We are all aware of the fact that there are a whole host of online betting sites but we have a firm belief that FairPlay stands out from the crowd. Our website and mobile application is the most fundamental part of our offerings. Available for both, android and iOS, FairPlay's cricket betting app brings a full-featured user-friendly experience. The users can easily navigate it which also makes your findings of cricket exchange live events precise and clear.

Online betting on cricket in India has never been an easy option. FairPlay's exception selection of cricket betting markets and high profit-making odds makes us the best sports betting online platform for cricket fans. We have a firm belief that FairPlay is the best platform for cricket exchange live online that offers an instinctive interface, has complete mobile optimization, and offers a vast collection of online betting markets. If you are willing to jump into the fantastic world of live cricket betting, just keep a track of our live cricket betting rate, use our cricket betting tips, and without any hesitation make your bet right away!