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Play Live Teen Patti Game Online

Teen Patti online is a popular game across South Asia with origins in India. The game is also called a 'flash' or 'flush' and is a variant of the 3 card poker popular in the UK. Teen Patti gold is played among 3 to 6 players with 52-card packs without the jokers.

Rules of Teen Patti

  • Teen Patti Gold starts with a 'boot,' an amount of money collected from the players and is the minimum stake amount.
  • The dealer hands out the cards anti-clockwise and every player gets 3 cards.
  • Playing ‘seen’ means your cards will be visible. Playing ‘blind’ means the cards will be kept facing down.
  • If you have to play blind in the 3 card poker rule, ensure to bet the lowest boot amount.
  • The present stake for the next player is the amount you bet if they are playing blind. A player playing seen will have to double the stake.
  • If you are playing seen, you can look at your cards anytime, and you will be a seen player from there onwards.

Three Card Poker Bets

Ante Bet

A player’s only option is to bet in this round in the 3 card poker bets. Alternatively, if they are not comfortable with the card, they can forfeit all bets leaving only the ante bet.

Pair Plus Bet

A pair plus bet is similar to the ante bet, and the only difference is that it requires you to wager twice as much as the Ante bet for the game.

Super Six Bet

This is among the special 3 card poker bets where you can place their stake for ante or quad four times. The player gets 1.5-1 odds if they win and must place at a minimum of four times the ante or quad bet to make the wager.

Blind Bet

You have to place this bet before the live dealer at FairPlay hands out any cards. However, this bet is used for different 3-card poker versions. For example, when playing 3-card poker with an extra community game card (Five-card draw rules), you may not raise your bets after looking at your hand. However, if there are two more cards (six-card draw rules), the bet amount can be raised before you see your hand.

However, you can re-raise the wager after seeing your cards and placing money on the table when following ante rules.

Ante bonus

When you make the ante and play a wager bet, you may qualify for a bonus payout even when the dealer does not qualify. To win Ante 3 card poker bets, a player must hold a straight, straight flush or three of a kind.

Bet both Pair Plus and Ante Wager

Placing a wager on the pair plus and ante means betting both sides against the table and the dealer. When betting, you are playing against two different paytables with different payout criteria. Here is what you should know when betting both;

  • The pair plus and ante wagers are not of the same amount. The ante wager’s objective is to get a three-card poker hand to beat the dealer’s Queen or better. The pair plus wager’s objective is to get a pair or better.
  • Players will get a payout on the pair plus regardless of the hand the dealer lands.
  • You can wager any allowed bet amount on either the ante or pair plus, provided it does not surpass the maximum or fall below the minimum.
  • The ante and play wager must be equal.

How to Play 3 Card Poker and Win


In our Teen Patti online game, the dealer will hand three cards facing down to each participant in the hand and the dealer, like in blackjack. The aim is to beat the dealer when betting on the ante. The other player's cards will not impact when trying to beat the dealer.

Playing action

After the player is handed their cards, they have to act by either playing or discarding the hand. If you discard the card, the dealer wins the ante and the pair plus bet of other players on your table.

If you want to keep playing, you must place a 'play' bet. Your play bet amount should match the ante that the player used initially. These chips must be placed facing down after you arrange the hands sequentially and place these cards face-down in the play area.

Winning and payouts

The next step in hand is for the player to show his cards and then the dealer to do the same. Finally, the hands will be compared, and any winning or losing funds will be paid out or collected in Teen Patti real cash live game.

If the dealer lands a j-high card hand or worse, the hand cannot make ‘play’ bets. All players within the hand will win the ante bet they placed but have to accompany it with a ‘play’ bet. They get their originally played wagers but do not win any additional money on the wager.

If the dealer's hand is stronger than the player's hand but does not qualify, the player wins the amount equaling their ante bet. Simultaneously, they will push through with their play wager to collect it after the hand. For example, when the dealer lands a j-4-3 and the player T-9-7 with a play bet, the player wins the amount equal to their ante bet.

If the dealer has a Q-high card hand or better, they will 'play' their hand, which ranks beside the player's hand. If the player has the better hand, the player wins the amount equaling the ante and play bets. If the dealer wins the hand, the players lose their money, and the dealer shall collect them accordingly.

Considering the ‘pair plus’ bet is placed separately, it will be collected when the player does not make a better pair, or the corresponding winnings will be paid out accordingly. The results stand regardless of the dealer's or player's hand wins.

The ante bonus payouts include;

  • Straight 1:1
  • Three of a kind 4:1
  • Straight flush 5:1

Hand rankings in Teen Patti real cash games are different from other poker variations because getting three cards with the same suit or three cards is easier than getting three cards. This means that there is no payout for flushes in the Ante bonus, and the straight payout will be slightly lower than that for a three of a kind. You can place the pair plus bet in the Teen Patti online game simultaneously with the ante bet and choose your values. If the pair plus bet is active, the following payouts will be given for your hand if you are holding a pair or better.

  • One pair 1:1
  • Flush 4:1
  • Straight 6:1
  • Three of a kind 30:1
  • Straight flush 40:1

However, you should remember that you might lose money when you bet on the pair plus box every time you do not have one pair. Even if you win only the hand against the dealer with a high card, this is true.

How to play 3 card poker and win

Unlike some casino games with complicated decisions at different stages, the basic strategy is straightforward. All you must remember is the hands that you need to be playing. The optimal strategy is to keep hands with Q, 6, and 4 while discarding any weaker hand.

This might not be a quantifiable strategy, but this approach delivers results. Besides, there are no special or fancy plays to remember besides the fact that the pair plus bet is not negative as the Ante bet.

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Once you master these 3 Card Poker rules, life becomes easier on the Poker table and you can become a winner at Poker.

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