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Play Poker Game Online Online

Trying your luck playing poker online is an excellent choice. Poker is one of the most adrenaline-packed online games available at FairPlay. Experience the game’s excitement to get hooked. However, poker isn’t just cards. It’s one of the best ways to earn good money.

First-timers and professional poker players converge at the best gaming platforms to have a go at the many poker variations.

Despite its fun nature, poker needs a lot of mastery. Poker has more rules to follow and a poker guide for gameplay. Therefore, some players may find this game daunting. However, there are concepts to follow to ensure we win at all poker variations. 

How to Play Poker

Playing poker needs an understanding of the game’s lingo. The dealer and other players will need to use terms such as raise, call, check, fold, and all in.

Overall, here are the steps to follow in all poker games:


Step 1- Each player gets two cards

Step 2- The dealer places a small blind followed by a big blind 

Step 3- Players make the first bets depending on the cards we have 

Step 4- Dealer places three community cards face up 

Step 5- Second betting round begins 

Step 6- The dealer places the turn, also known as the fourth community card 

Step 7- The third betting round begins 

Step 8- The dealer places the river, also known as the fifth community card 

Step 9- The final round of betting starts 

Step 10- All players display cards if two or more players haven’t folded

Step 11- The dealer declares the winner with the best hand depending on poker hand rankings 

Every bet has a structure or a limit that each player must observe. They include the pot limit, no limit, and fixed limit. Players bet or raise amounts to the total pot size with the pot limit. In the fixed limit, the raising and betting are possible in fixed amounts.

With the no-limit structure, poker players on poker PC download or mobile casinos bet all chips during their turn to play.

Poker Winning Hands

In poker, the strength of a hand determines who emerges the winner. The player with the best hand at casino poker wins the game.

Here’s a guide to poker hand rankings from the strongest to the weakest hand.

Royal Flush

The royal flush tops the rankings as the best hand in most poker variations. To achieve a royal flush, players have five consecutive cards of a similar suit. These cards are in order from 10 to Ace.

Straight Flush 

A straight flush features any five cards with a sequential value in the same suit. If it’s not a royal flush, the hand is automatically a straight flush. Players can beat a straight flush with another straight flush or a royal flush, including high-ranking cards (A, K, Q, J, 10). 

Four of a Kind

The four-of-a-kind hand ranking has four cards of the same rank in all four suits. For example, if the player has four J cards, each representing a suit, that makes four of a kind.

Full House or Full Boat

This poker hand features three of a kind (three cards of similar value in three different suits) and two cards of similar rank in two different suits.

Sometimes, more than one player has a full house. To break the tie, the player with the higher three-of-a-kind value emerges as the winner. 


Simply put, this hand ranking features five cards of a similar suit. However, they don’t have to be in any particular order. Between two players with flushes, the winner is the one with the highest valued card. That makes the poker winning hand.


Straights use all five cards. A poker hand makes a straight if all the cards are different and consecutively ranked or valued. A strict rule here is that these cards cannot belong to the same suit. Aces rank either above a king or below a 2. However, this occurs in different hands.

Three of a Kind 

As the name suggests, this poker hand features three cards of similar rank but different suits. When players have two high-valued cards besides the three in question, we complete the hand.

Two Pairs

Inarguably, two pairs beat one pair. Two pairs feature two different sets of two cards, matching in rank. The highest rank in the remaining cards completes the hand.


A pair means we have two cards of similar rank in different suits. Again, if two players have a pair of cards, the winning hand has three high-ranking cards. 

High Card 

Don’t be fooled by the name. The high card is the card with the lowest rank. A player has a high hand (or no pair hand) when all five cards have different ranks. Moreover, these cards have different suits and are in no sequence whatsoever. 

Hi, Lo and Hi-Lo Poker Games

All players should note that not all poker machines choose the best hand from the highest-ranked hand according to rankings.

High-hand or Hi Poker

In these games, the highest-ranking hand determines the best poker hand. Examples of poker games using this criterion are Seven-Card Stud and Texas Hold’em. 

Lowball, Lo, or Low-Hand Poker

In standard usual poker games, the highest-ranking hand is the best. However, in Lo poker, the lowest-ranking hand is the best. Still, versions differ depending on the rank of the ace card, and if the flushes and straights are included in the count. An example is Razz poker.

Hi-Lo Poker

In high-low split games, the pot splits between two players. One with the lowest-ranking poker hand and the other with the highest-ranking poker hand. The perfect example is the Omaha Hi-Lo.

Once we’re ready to play poker, it’s fast and easy. Log on to FairPlay for the best poker variations available in online casinos. Poker is fun, but most importantly, it’s lucrative. It takes a little strategy and love for the game, and we’re good to go. 

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