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Play Live Card Games Online

The love for card games online in India has its roots back into our history. Be it a special gathering event, festival or a casual evening with friends, everyone craves a few rounds of card games. But with the hectic lifestyle in addition to our daily troubles, playing physical card games will always be a challenge. The popularity of betting has turned the table completely. The online card betting game is the same as the old card games, with easy game rules, you can conveniently play on your phone or laptop, and enjoy the game to the fullest. No matter where you live and what you are doing, you can pick to play card games online and enjoy it anytime you want.

At FairPlay, we know everything about card games as we are the card game experts. Yes, our extensive collection of betting card games spans classic solitaire including other best-in-class card games like Blackjack, Andar Bahar, and Live Teen Patti, to name a few. If you consider yourself to be an expert in playing card games or you are just looking to enjoy a quick game, our collection of best card games is the place to be, with no card shuffling, 52 card pickup, and removing the required jokers. Good luck! Let us look at the list of betting card games and how easy is it to play them online:

Poker: Poker is the perfect combination of strategizing and betting card games. It is a game which can be played from the comfort of our homes too. Hollywood is fascinated with poker and its variants and it has featured in many TV shows and movies. Associated with North America, the roots of poker can be traced to this country and the craze is spreading to other countries too. For more fun and entertainment, you can also place a bet online but it is always important to understand and remember the rankings of the hands first.

7up 7down: FairPlay, the live casinos offers you access to a superb selection of online card games ranging from time-honoured to the greatest and the latest online additions. 7up 7down is a classic poker game where you can bet on two types of cards: high & low. High cards are between 8-K and low cards are between 2 to 7-K. By simply guessing the upcoming card and being the lucky one to win double!

Andar Bahar: Originated in Bangalore, Andar Bahar is a traditional Indian betting game. The card game is very simple and based on 50/50 luck which involves the use of a single pack of cards. The rules of the game are pretty simple as the game uses a deck of 53 cards. It is a fun, thrilling and action-filled card game which can bring you a decent amount of money!

Dragon Tiger: Highly popular among Asian players, Dragon Tiger is a fast action card game and it is played with a deck of 52 cards with no wildcards and jokers. Dragon Tiger is played with 8 to 6 decks in a shoe where the player may choose tiger or dragon and then the dealer will draw a card from the deck to both sides.

Live Teen Patti: The literal translation of the Teen Patti game is three cards. It is an Indian card game which is inspired by the British card games online, 3-card brag. It draws certain similarities to the poker game. Thereby, many people call it The Indian poker-teen Patti. The game is pretty much popular and it has featured in many Indian movies.

Hi-Low: With incredibly straightforward and simple rules, Hi-Low is also referred to as high-low boasts. The aim of the game is to predict whether the next card will be low or has a higher value. It is absolutely simple as you win if you guess the right value and you will lose if you guess the wrong value. For beginners, it is the best app.

Race 20-20: From live dealer tables, Slingo, jackpots, and video poker; Race 20-20 is the best card games as it makes your way to the lottery tickets the most simple. In this live game, the player races to get 20 points and the game is played with cards and dice.

Amar Akbar Anthony: The objective of the betting card games is to predict the winning card of the game round. With eight card decks, which are stored in a shuffling machine, live Amar, Akbar, Anthony is played. To win you need to predict the next card with higher, lower or of the same value as the dragon card. There are also chances for you to bet on other betting positions on the table.

World of Card Games Online at FairPlay’s

Whichever betting card games you might be looking for, you will find them at our live cards section and this is just a handful of games we have offered, we are constantly adding more and updating our list. We have numerous slot games at FairPlay, so with absolutely no delay unlock thousands of sports betting markets at FairPlay live cards. Sign up and see yourself with some extra cash, Good luck! We offer daily exchange too so win big and win daily by just signing up.

FairPlay welcomes you to our wide selection of online card betting games and more! We offer you unique action-packed table card games. Experience the best gaming experience and play card games online with 24/7 HD streaming and also a group of professional live dealers in our live cards where we have dozens of games like roulette and various blackjack. Our live cards hit close to home, which are addressed as Andar Bahar and Teen Patti which are being featured on the front line.

Enjoy Our Welcome offers and Bonuses on Live Card Games

At FairPlay, we welcome all our new users and even existing customers with roaring live cards offers and bonuses, which you can redeem while playing online card betting games. We always introduce unique and innovative promotions for our users and always ensure that it is received straight to the user’s inbox. At our live cards, when a user becomes a part of our pride, we do every possible thing so that the users get the best care and services possible. As a FairPlay Club member, you can get up to a 200% bonus on your first deposit and if you are a newcomer you can avail benefits of great promotions and bonuses.

Fun fact About Card Games

Playing card games was initially invented in China around the 9th century AD, and then later spread to Europe, Persia and India in the 14th century. As a matter of fact, archaeologists have innovated a deck of cards which is approximately back in 1470. Poker is the world’s most famous card game in the world, and it has become famous in the US. Some consider it as a sports game instead of a card game. After rummy, which is extremely famous in India, it is considered to be the next most popular card games across the globe.

Modern cards originated in France, in the late 14th century when the images of men and women were first introduced along with the suits which are still used today: spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds. On the contrary, the joker is a much more modern American invention and it is only the suit which has 2 cards on the deck while all others have 4 cards on the deck. In the 14th century, when casino games developed completely, baccarat came into the limelight.

According to credible sources, in actuality, there are more than 52 decks of cards than there the atoms that make planets. Well, we will have to take their word! For cost-saving purposes and also for preventing cheating in the game, most casinos use plastic playing cards as they are much more difficult to crease than paper playing cards. While the online casino may be a modern terminology and concept, traditional card games have been around us for centuries.

Why Bet on FairPlay Card Games Online?

If you are pretty satisfied with what FairPlay live cards have to offer, then it is the right time to Sign-up. You can also collect your welcome bonuses to get some extra credit on top of your very first deposit. Fairplay has deposit bonuses and bonus spins in the daily deal promotions. You can easily place a bet on our app as it is user-friendly and has a great interface for the best experience wherever you are.

The safety of our users is of utmost importance, hence, you can play your bet without any fear as we are filled with a variety of tools to help you keep in control. Gambling and Betting should always be fun experiences, hence it essential to take frequent breaks and have control over the spending limit. In order to help you with this situation, our app allows you to set reminders so you can keep a track of how long you have been playing for.

If you need any help, guidance, or assistance our customer service agents are available to help you 24*7 via email, chat, or phone. We always ensure that playing with us should always be fun and entertainment. Thereby, we have created the best responsible gaming application which gives you a lot more information about any live card games online. Simply download our app on your android and iOS devices and start exploring the live card games which you want to play.



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